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Anonymous wondered,
"So i like this guy in the grade above me. He talks to me sometimes, but not a lot. His parents and my parents are friends, but we don't hang out or anything. He gave me a hug last Friday, and talked to me a lot these past 2 weeks. Yesterday, he gave me a white carnation from his Confirmation, but I'm not exactly sure if he likes me. He always talks to this girl in his grade, and I'm not sure if he gave me the carnation because he didn't want it???? HELP PLS"

Idk what a carnation is.
But like- just because he’s talking to another girl, doesn’t means he doesn’t likes you. Boys can have girl friends you know?
Maybe you can ask your parents to hang out with his and give both of you some time alone so you can talk openly about it. Maybe when the mood strikes, if it does, you can mention to him that you like him and ask how he feels. It may have a good ending or not, but life is short bae and you never know what might happen if you don’t try. :3
Best of luck

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Anonymous wondered,
"Sooo I like this guy but one friend likes him and I always feel so guilty when I talk to him or think that I have crush on him it makes me feel like I am betraying her in a way and yet she told me she didn't like him anymore but it still feels as she does . Me and him have been talking and I feel so guilty and I feel like I am a horrible friend for liking one of my best friends crushes what do I do? I don't wanna make her upset we aren't dating but I do t wanna loose our friendship?"

Okay well first of all. Bros before hoes. That’s something you need to keep in mind. However, she did said that she didn’t liked him anymore so yeah she basically gave you a free pass. I’m not one to hit up on my friends crushes, in my mind is just not worth it making a friend bummed out just to get a partner. So I suppose you could call her and ask about her true feelings. But honey, at the end of the day, you is who matters for yourself. So if you want to try him, go for it. Its a delicate situation. I understand that. I wish you best of luck.

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Anonymous wondered,
"I really like this guy and we've gotten closer this year and have a lot in common but i'm awkward so a relationship is probably impossible. He's really sweet to me and one night he waited for me to order my food at a restaurant before he sat down. He also will tease me and correct me in order to help me out. Neither of us have really been in relationships so I really really want him to take me to prom. What do i dooooooo"

bb imma tell u what u should do

u should

order a plate to him and ON IT you put a paper written ‘WOULD U LIKE TO GO TO PROM WITH ME?!?!?!?” with pink pen and ur name ok

tbh no just like- casually ask him out? be like “lol yeah I like fish too but do you wanna go to prom with me?”

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Anonymous wondered,
"do you think you could help me get my crush blog started? i'd really appreciate it <3 it's called crushimagines pleaseeee?"

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Anonymous wondered,
"So in my class there's this really cute boy who sits behind me. I always get butterflies when I see him. The problem is we're both really shy, so we haven't really talked yet. We both blush whenever we just make eye contact. I was just wondering if you had any advice to make starting/keeping a conversation easy for those who are extremely shy"



here’s the thing.


The point about this all is basically go slow, okay? If you just throw yourself at him and drag him into a conversation he doesn’t really want to be a part of, he’ll get creeped out and most likely leave. Be calm. Stay relaxed, and don’t be loud. Anyone who is shy most likely enjoys things being quiet; Make small jokes to show him that you’re comfortable around him, so he should be comfortable around you, too. Talk about annoying teachers or classmates. Point out something funny that’s happening on the other side of the room. If he laughs, you’ve succeeded; 

If you leaving him hanging by saying, “Well gotta go bye”, he’ll feel used and probably suspicious. Chances are he won’t talk to you again. Instead, slowly build up to an end to the conversation. When leaving, smile and let him know that you want to talk to him again. Giving him your number is a drastic move, especially for a first conversation, but if you feel it went well, go for it! Forreal- say something like. “well yeah I enjoyed time here but I gottta go home and take my dog for a walk”- IDC IF YOU DON’T HAVE A DOG OK? BUY ONE LATER”

that’s it i hope you guiize work out. BYYE ♥

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Anonymous wondered,
"do you take requsts??? if so i have 1 about this guy i really like tjat i would like to requst :)))"

I don’t think- ya’ll understood what I meant by requests.

If you request me something, send me the whole story. No, I will not put your name in it. No I will not put your crushes name on it. Because the point of this blog is to be for BOYS and GIRLS. And anonymous, ye.

You can submit by askbox, anyway. But give me the whole plot or something-?

k thank

and i’m sorry for the ones who submitted, I’ll try my hardest, okay?

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Anonymous wondered,
"His this is last anon cx so then I saw him after school and he was coming towards and he gives me a high five and he almost interlock our fingers. So I left to go somewhere and when I turn around I bump straight into him and I started saying sorryxc"



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Anonymous wondered,
"Do you listen to kpop ?"

depends, only a bit of big bang. I’m more into jrock. :’3

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unleashrecovery wondered,
"Do you take requests?"

I do but they can take a while ~

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Anonymous wondered,
"When im around him, i just dont say much. I just stand there while my friends do most of the talking"

Well, how about try to talk then?

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